The latest Opera browser contains a VPN built in.

Opera browser contains a VPNOpera purchased the VPN company SurfEasy some time ago and has now incorporated that VPN technology into its browser. This marks a first for a major browser: the Opera browser contains a VPN incorporated into the browser itself rather than as a plugin or other glue.

Opera claims that neither it nor SurfEasy logs any information about a user’s browser history. This is a very specific statement which stops short of saying nothing is logged. As we’ve pointed out in this post ‘No Logs? Not likely‘, it is virtually impossible to run anything but the most trivial of IT infrastructure without some logs.

It’s also a little disconcerting that Opera is about to close a deal with a Chinese consortium of companies. China is known for Internet censorship and other wide-ranging privacy violations so it’s unclear if they should be involved in a global VPN initiative.

[Source and more: Canadian Journal]