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Non-US Netflix subscribers willing to pay a premium

Netflix logoAn international survey reports that almost half (48%) of Non-US Netflix subscribers willing to pay a premium for U.S. content. The various news articles don’t provide the sample size so it’s not clear how significant this is. Nor are individual country statistics available so it’s hard to find out where Canada lands in all this.

The use of VPNs has surged over the past few years due to Netflix and other video on demand services. I wrote an article about VPs and the fact that nobody non-technical had heard of a VPN until recently. Noawadays, “VPN” is synymous with “pirating” and “stealing VOD services”. There exists a large amount of other reasons to use a VPN such as security and privacy. However, those topics rarely hit the public consciiousness.

Since a large number of people use VPNs exclusively for stealing content, it’s not surprisng they’d be willing to pay instead. VPNs can be as cheap as a few dollars a month. For Netflix subscribers willing to pay a premium channelling that money into a beefed up plan seems an obvious move. Playing cat and mouse with the law can take its toll on you.

Does Netflix care about Netflix subscribers willing to pay a premium?

Netflix doesn’t sound interested in the report, chosing instead to focus on its own content. I think Netflix’s long game is clear by now: gather millions upon millions of subscribers with shows they know, then get them addicted to exclusive Netflix content. The short game of catering to U.S. content laws allows them to reach that goal. I also  doubt that Netflix could convince U.S. content owners to release outside of the country. The complexity of U.S. copyright law is legendary.

Where can I learn more?

There are some links to various articles reporting on the survey here: